What is a Mind Map, Anyway?

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Host on your own infrastructure or use ours. For licensing, inquire today. Try It Now. User Ratings 4. We've created a beautiful, intuitive app, so you can mind map wherever you are and whenever you want. SimpleMind for Mac Full edition supports sharing Mind Maps and adds tons of productivity boosting features - https: I put this on my iPad and Mac, started using it to organize my ideas a bit better than an outliner or list maker.

It is a pretty good mind mapper, and if you need all the functionality of a full up mind mapper, go for it. Back to list managers that do share. One last thing… as a mind mapper, i was also disappointed that it did not support many-to-many associations… in other words, I could not get an existing parent node to link to an existing child node such that the child node had two parents.

A pretty standard thing, really. Writing the Natural Way is a book I read a while ago that said that clustering was one of the best ways to write. I got Simple Mind Lite and used it once or twice but not that often. Lately, I have gotten the software out again and used it to plan some of my WIP. This software engages its user in free association which for me loosens up the sludge in my brain.

Once I start I find all kinds of ideas that I had not considered yet. I put my plot points on one straight line and branch out from there. I work in character traits and connections and a host of other things.

Brainstorm ideas with these three mind mapping apps on iOS and macOS

I'm not sure what all the paid version does, but I am happy with the light version I have. Best of luck with your writing!

I've been using SimpleMind Lite for many years. So thankful this product continues to be developed, because it's great.

Brainstorm ideas with these three mind mapping apps on iOS and macOS

Double-click on any item to edit it, and click the plus signs on either side to add branches to your mind map. Click and hold to drag them around the canvas to design your mind map any way you like. Coggle will automatically assign different colors to your branches, but clicking on a branch will bring up a color wheel so you can personalize it yourself. When you've finished a map, you can download it as a PDF or PNG, share it with others who can just view it or, if you allow it, edit your mind map. You even get auto-saving and revision history, so if you want to see what your mind map looked like before someone you invited started working with it, you can.

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Best of all? Coggle is completely and totally free. It was the winner of our last poll , partially because of its flexibility, and because its features and performance are pretty consistent regardless of the operating system you use with it. It's a pretty powerful mind mapping tool too, offering complex diagrams and tons of branches, graphics and icons to differentiate notes and connect them, and the option to embed links and multimedia in your mind maps for quick reference.

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Compared to a lot of the newer tools it may look a little dated, but it's still powerful and useful, especially if it's function you're looking for, not form. The iOS version is designed to work well on touch devices, specifically the iPad, and makes it easy to drag branches around, add new nodes, connect nodes, share documents with others, and more.

Thortspace - the world's first collaborative 3D mind mapping software

The Mac app is similar, and supports sharing your mind map with others and exporting as PDF and as a Freemind project. MindNode can automatically hide branches that have nothing to do with the items you're working on, embed images and screenshots onto nodes, create links on nodes, and even automatically organize your branches for you if they get messy. It can also support linked mind maps. The UI is relatively clean and hides a lot of its features in order to keep things clean, but that doesn't mean it's not powerful.

Many of you who nominated it pointed out it's one of the first mind mapping apps you've seen that really does things right on a tablet. Now that you've seen the top five, it's time to put them to an all out vote to determine the community favorite. Honorable mentions this week go out to Scapple and MindMeister , both of which just missed the top five by one or two votes each. Those of you who nominated them praised them for their ease of use. We recently praised Scapple for bringing dead simple mind mapping to the Mac, and we've loved for MindMeister for years.